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Clara's Secret

Everybody loves a good mystery. Clara's Secrets are four tall tales about Bristol, each containing an element of truth.

An antique bath in a house in Clifton sheds new light on an old tragedy; a wedding in Stoke Bishop is attended by a ghostly apparition; a job applicant is sent on a mission to find a Bristol Blue vase.

And where exactly did the Crown Jewels spend the Second World War?

One Single Ticket

April 1852: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the eminent Victorian engineer engages the services of Harry Brooke. Crucial documents have either been stolen or disturbed at his house in London. Brooke, a renown private investigator travels on the GWR train from Paddington to Bristol to meet Mr Brunel. At the celebrated ‘Swindon Break’ Brooke is attacked by an unknown assailant.

There is a violent scuffle at the station, but Brooke is prepared. The assailant commits suicide rather than risk being caught and questioned. But how does the assailant know Brooke is travelling on that train? And at that time?

Clues are few and the stakes are high. Brooke must uncover the identity of the ‘dark forces’ which lurk to destroy Brunel’s most ambitious scheme yet: London via Bristol to New York on ONE SINGLE TICKET.

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